Volume 1 Issue 1
March 2012


“Tomorrow is another day.
What lies in the future remains in the future.”

(Bus Stop, Gao Xingjian)

ARTivate ARTivate is the youth wing of Drama Box. Established in 2007, ARTivate started with 4 members and grew to 12 members after 3 intakes. Members have been trained in both theatre aesthetics and management, and have staged 4 productions through the years.

This is the final year for the pioneer batch of ARTivators, and to mark their graduation, they will be presenting Bus Stop, a theatre performance inspired by Gao Xingjian's script of the same title. What do these young folks have to say about their graduation? Let's hear it from them!

Lam Dan Fong
Neo Hai Bin

Theatre. ARTivator. Training. Exposure. Growth. Lessons. Confusions. Clarifications. Worries. Challenges. Disappointments. Supports. Experiential learning. We are but runners on the field, running falling resting walking chasing pacing hiking along the path of Theatre that we have glimpsed but just a ray of morning light.

But that is all we need.

Illustration by Alessandro Gottardo
Text by Han Xuemei

Han Xuemei
Ho Kian Tong

Looking back a few years ago while auditioning to join ARTivate, Heng Leun warned us that doing theatre would require us to toil in blood, sweat and tears. His words were prophetic. Yet, I have never regretted joining ARTivate. In my four years as an ARTivator, not only has my grasp of theatre practice been strengthened, I have also learnt immensely about myself as a person. In addition, the ARTivators have developed such a strong connection that it is just incredible to witness the group in any creative process. I can only be grateful.

I thought of leaving ARTivate last year. I was in a bad shape. I doubted the purpose of theatre and forgot the reason I joined ARTivate. Hui Ling asked if I still had the interest in theatre, and that was when I realised the very fundamental reason I joined ARTivate. I am glad that I am still here, with this simple reason to bring us further than we thought possible.

Entia Seah

Tan Wei Ting

Someone told me more than once that being an artist is about getting in touch with the deepest of self. Tried to resist such self-indulgence, but to little avail. Three years have passed and this youthful rebel seems to be nearing the end of a phase. Life will be there to take its own course, I believe.

Myra Loke
Teo Eng Hao

To improvise and devise.
To give and take.
To live in the moment.
Yes, but...

There are two doors at both ends of the line, with riddles on written on them. I am being tied in between.

He says to me: solve the puzzle and you may be free! I do not wish to game-guess, so I tied a bow in between.

Kate, Wang Fang
Lim Hwee Peng
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Have you ever been to a performance where your otherwise perfect experience was disrupted due to poor theatre etiquette from another audience member? Share with us your most unforgettable encounter as a victim of such disturbances!
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