Volume 1 Issue 4
December 2012
Date: 30th August to 30th September 2012
Performance Time: 6.45pm

A community arts project on the environment
@ Bukit Timah Railway Station:

Project Mending Sky III: US
— Man, The Forest, The Monkey Man, The Tigers and The Elephants

6.45pm, the sun began to set. The "tour guide" started to lead the audiences into the forest.

Along the way, the audiences watched a group of elderly from "Glowers" perform. The elderly were either reciting Teochew nursery rhymes or chit-chatting with each other like old friends at the railway track. Audiences then continued to walk in and came upon an open grassland. There, they sat down to watch a puppetry performance directed by The Finger Player's resident director/artist, Ong Kian Sin. After the performance, they walked back to the railway station in the dark. At this final stop of the journey, they sat down on the railway track and watched the station light up slowly. After which, they were given pen and paper, and asked to pen down their thoughts (of the journey) and place them in the train station.

Performed in English & Mandarin

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Photography by Ben Tay

Date: 11th – 20th October 2012
Time: 8pm (additional 3pm matinee show on Saturday)
(No performance on Sunday & Monday)

Talk Show:

David the Best 2.0 Kucing Kuraps FTW

"The future, the way you want it to be"
David the Best 2.0 Kucing Kuraps Theme Song

If IPS Prism questions what Singapore would be like in 10 years' time, "David the Best 2.0 Kucing Kuraps FTW" would very nicely compliment IPS Prism to allow people to start thinking about the future.

"David the Best 2.0 Kucing Kuraps FTW" was the second collaboration between Kok Heng Leun and Huang Wen Hong after the first "David the Best" production in 2008. Kucing Kuraps is Malay for small fry and the performance is about these "little people", the everyday Joes. Other than Huang Wen Hong, the performance also featured local television celebrity Chew Chor Meng, Getai superstar Hao Hao, DJ Yip Lee Mei and a group of UFM 100.3's listeners. In the performance, Huang Wen Hong took on different characters and offered a satirical view of the social phenomenon after the General Elections on 7th May 2011. And unlike the usual talkshow format, he also took on the role of a host and interviewed the guest celebrities and the UFM 100.3 listeners who took to the stage for the first time. Under his probing, they shared personal stories that were simple but touching.

Performed in Mandarin

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Photography by Carol Sak

Date: 29th October to 2th November 2012
Performance Time: 2.30pm & 5.15pm

Theatre-in-Education especially created for Secondary School students and above:

Girl in the White Sand Box

Girl in the White Sand Box was first presented as part of Esplanade's Feed Your Imagination in 2011. The objective of this re-run is to reach out to more students. A total of about 1000 students attended the performance that was staged over 5 days with 10 performances in total.

Performed in Mandarin

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Suicide is one of the 3 main causes of death among young people aged 15-35. The ratio of death by suicide and suicide attempts is 1:15. More than half of young people who committed suicide have attempted suicide. For every 10 suicide attempts among young people, one commits suicide within a year or a little longer after.

Year Total Male Female
2011 361 229 132
2010 353 227 126
2009 401 267 134
2009 401 267 134
2008 364 232 132
2007 374 215 159
2006 419 260 159
2005 405 263 142
2004 381 227 154
2003 346 214 132
2002 361 211 150
2001 357 214 143
2000 348 225 123
1999 309 205 104
1998 371 221 150
1997 346 223 123
1996 271 167 104
1995 401 245 156
1994 347 207 140
1993 296 178 118
1992 298 168 130
1991 319 190 129

Source: Registry of Births and Deaths, Immigration and Checkpoints Authority, Singapore.


Samaritans Of Singapore
Telephone: 1800 221 4444
Website: http://www.samaritans.org.sg/index.htm

CHAT/Youth In Mind
Website: http://www.youthinmind.sg/ or http://www.facebook.com/chatfans

Singapore Association for Mental Health
Telephone: 1800 283 7019
Website: http://www.samhealth.org.sg/

Photography by Carol Sak

Date: 8th November to 14th November 2012
Performance Time: 10am - 9pm daily

Presented by Institute of Policy Studies, Singapore (IPS)
Produced by Drama Box:

IPS Prism
— An Immersive Arts Experience

"To its credit, the Prism project offers a first glimpse, perhaps in a long while in Singapore's history, on how political and social change can be taken out of these choice extremes. It need not be as fearful as we think, nor as daunting as any of the three scenarios that the project organizers painted. It advocates an evolution that is unavoidable, and it is only a matter of how comfortable we are with the process and result."

- An op-ed piece on theonelinecitizen.com about the IPS Prism Immersive Arts Experience. Read More

IPS Prism – An Immersive Arts Experience is Singapore's first nation-wide civic arts engagement project. It seeks to engage the people of Singapore to reflect on how we will govern ourselves as a people, for a future we desire.

Missed out on the experience?
Check it out at http://www.ips.sg/prism/index.html.

More reviews & articles:

Photography from ArtsWok


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