The Symposium

28 Feb 2010

Esplanade Recital Studio

As part of Huayi 2010 Festival commission: SCENES

This symposium is a thought-provoking end to the two-week SCENES programme, and is made up of three parts.

My Life as a Playwright: Personal Journeys of Playwrighting

Speakers: Han Lao Da, Li Xie, Liu Xiaoyi
Moderator: Peter Sau

A sharing session by three playwrights, each from a different generation, on their creative journey, and on their experiences and reflections against different socio-cultural backdrops.

Contemporary Singapore Chinese Language Theatre: Representation & Reflection

Speakers: Yu Shan Lu, Andy Ng Wai Shek, Robin Loon, Quah Sy Ren
Moderator: Nelson Chia

Four Theatre academics from singapore, Taiwan, and Hong Kong take a closer look at Singaporean plays written in the past 30 years, and how they mirror the social intricacies of their times.

A Roundtable Discussion on SCENES:
The Performances & the Future of Singapore's Chinese Language Theatre

Panelists: Kok Heng Leun, Yu Shan Lu, Andy Ng Wai Shek, Natalie Hennedige, Peter Sau, Li Xie, Tang Shu-wing
Moderator: Quah Sy Ren

As a wrap-up to SCENES, this exchange will ring together theatre practitioners and academics from different backgrounds, as well as audiences to share their views on the two-week programme and discuss the future of Singapore's Chinese language theatre.


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