16 - 18 May 2007

Drama Centre Theatre at National Library

"If you could trade your time for more time, If you could trade something precious for more time, would you and what would you trade?"

Momo is a mysterious orphan who appears in a city one day. People soon drawn to her for her extraordinary ability to listen and she made many wonderful friends. She would spend afternoons just listening to their problem or playing with the children. However, things changed when a group of Men in Grey appears. They instigate people to stop spending "unnecessary time" and deposit it into a time bank instead. Soon, people start to not have time for each other and lost the ability to love and care... except for Momo. How can Momo help her friends?

Director Koh Hui Ling
Adaptation, Dramaturg Kok Heng Leun
Music Designer Leslie Low & Vivian Wang of The Observatory
Set, Costume & Mask Designer Hella Chan
Lighting Design Suven Chan
Cast Julius Foo
Lee Shu Shien
Tan Shwu Iuang
Koh Wan Ching
Audrey Luo Baoling
Mindee Ong
Kay Foong
Myra Loke Lay See
Liew Jia Yi
Lam Dan Fong


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