Macao Arts Festival

21 - 22 May 2009

Grand Auditorium, Macao Cultural Centre

Life is always elsewhere.

Hui Ying, a middle-aged woman, finds out her husband is having an affair while working abroad; this news shatters the home she has tried hard to maintain for years.

Yinling returns to Shanghai upon losing her daughter but cannot forget her relationship with an older man in the country she left behind.

The elderly Wen De wants to go to Shanghai's Waibaidu (Garden) Bridge to fulfil a promise he made 40 years ago.

Sufen leaves Singapore, but she makes a pact with her husband to meet him at the bridge 40 years later.

A prostitute is torn between returning home or staying with her Nanyang lover. Where does her heart belong?

Director, Playwright Kok Heng Leun (Singapore)
Playwright Nick Yu Rongjun (Shanghai)
Assistant Director Koh Hui Ling (Singapore)
Set Designer Sang Qi (Shanghai)
Set Construction Xu Xiangen (Shanghai)
Sound Designer Wang Yixuan (Shanghai)
Music Composition The Observatory (Singapore)
Lighting Designer Psyche Chui (Hong Kong) (by Kind permission of the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts)
Assistant Lighting Designer Chen Lian Yin(Shanghai)
Costume Designer Hu Xiaohui (Shanghai)
Video Designer Eva Tang (Singapore)
Technical Manager Low Shee Hoe (Malaysia)
Tour and Publicity Manager Rachel Lim (Singapore)
Publicity Manager Huang Yiping (Shanghai)
Interactive Media Creation Vincent Wong, James Kong, Frankie Chan (Hong Kong)
Movement Designer Xiao Ke (Shanghai)
Co-producers Ang Hwee Sim (Singapore), Michael Zhang & Wu Jia (Shanghai)
Production Manager Zhang Shanshan (Singapore), Jin Guanglin (Shanghai)
Cast Manager Zhang Huiqing (Singapore)
Stage Manager Yap Seok Hui (Singapore)
Assistant Stage Manager Jed Lim (Singapore)
Cast Jo Kwek
Zhou Yemang
Qin Xuan
Lim Kay Siu
Doreen Toh
Supported by National Arts Council
Commission of Singapore Season in China 2001 and Singapore Arts Festival 2008
Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts, School of Theatre and Entertainment Arts
Hong Kong City University, School of Creative Media


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