Forum Theatre

40 Strokes

29 Jul - 02 Aug 2013

3.00pm and 5.15pm

Esplanade Theatre Studio

Specially Created for Secondary School Students

A group of students are accused of committing a serious offence that no one wants to take responsibility for. Consequently, the entire group ends up being punished by the school.

This forum theatre production explores the principles of discipline and punishment, providing a premise for a discussion about the reasons for and effectiveness of punishment. It poses the question – is punishment meant to seek justice or is it merely a disciplinary tool? The audience will be encouraged to step into the shoes of the characters to examine the attitudes and beliefs behind the system of discipline and punishment portrayed in the scenario and to create feasible alternatives to the status quo.

Performed in Mandarin

Why Watch 40 Strokes?

Forum Theatre turns passive spectators to active spect-actors by allowing them on stage to replace actors and change the outcome of the play. This is a chance for students to rehearse for life.

It will allow students to:

  • express their thoughts and opinions in Mandarin
  • develop critical thinking and analytical skills
  • consider multiple viewpoints and perspectives
  • cultivate responsible decision-making skills
  • deepen their interest in Chinese language

Pre and Post Performance Activities

There will be pre and post performance activities for students to give a comprehensive Theatre-In-Education experience and to create an awareness and empowerment of the issue for the students.

Student and Teacher Education Kits

A specially-designed education kit with guidelines, activities and resources will be given to teachers for further discussions in the classroom. There will also be a post-show education kit for students to aid them in deepening their understanding and thoughts in the issue presented.

Esplanade Tour

The performance includes a optional guided tour around Esplanade.

Ticketing Information

Ticket price: $20* (Excludes SISTIC charge)

40 Strokes is endorsed by National Arts Council's Arts Education Programme (NAC-AEP) and is eligible for the 50% Tote Board Arts Grant Subsidy.

  • 1 complimentary teacher ticket for every 20 tickets purchased.
  • 5 additional complimentary tickets for every 100 tickets purchased.

Schools can also use the CPES (Cultural Performance Exposure Scheme) Funding to purchase tickets.

SPED Schools

  • SPED schools are able to use the TOTE Board Arts Grant subsidy of up to 70% for the ticket price.
  • 2 complimentary teacher tickets for every 10 tickets purchased.

Tickets Are Selling FAST!

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Ticketing equiries: (+65) 6828 8389 (Esplanade)

Performance equiries: (+65) 6324 5434 (Drama Box)

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